Short Panda was created with an idea to reward the daily social media user. Our team, over the years, observed how powerful information is. We created a platform, where you as a user, can join our community, share any type of information with the world, and in the process, get rewarded for it with prizes. Who doesn’t want to get prizes for their selfie, their opinion, their idea, their video, etc? We believe that content is king.

Short Panda creates a platform where you don’t have to worry about creating your own website, spending lots of money on servers, and wasting time on things that take you away from your passion. Let us worry about the all the boring stuff. While you, a community leader, get to share all types of information and content with the world. You get to enrich peoples lives, while in the process, get rewarded through prizes and gift cards.

How Does It Work?

It’s very simple. You join Short Panda community. You submit your content (selfies, pictures, articles, videos, etc) to Short Panda. Once approved, your content will be posted on Short Panda’s website, and you are ready to start earning points for your prizes. Share it with your friends. You, as a community participant, get rewarded based on the traffic and views that your post/page generates. You can then use these points to redeem various rewards on our prize page. Right now, it has many different prizes, and will soon be expanding with more and more prizes, which we will be asking you for input on what prizes you want to see. This is all about YOU!

Why Chose Short Panda?

We are a team, who believes in the idea that having open information will make this world better. There are many people out there:

  • Who don’t have the funds to buy hosting,
  • Who have no knowledge about building a website,
  • Who have no knowledge of website ranking,
  • Who have no knowledge about securing a website,
  • Who have no knowledge about SEO
  • Who have no knowledge about advertising
  • and many other obstacles put in place to make it hard to to get rewarded for your content.

We are here to take care of those needs. All we ask is for you participation and creativity. You just have to think about what you want to post next, while we get to worry about all the hard things. You as a content creator, and a proud member of Short Panda community, get to concentrate on creating content that people from all around the world get to enjoy. There are opportunities put in place where you can make even more REWARDS.

Some of the services that we provide are:

  • Social Network – where you can make your profile, add friends, and follow them, etc.
  • Groups – mini communities within Short Panda.
  • Forums – where you can have discussions on many topics with Short Panda community.
  • Dashboard – where you can publish your content, and get rewarded.

How To Join

To become a member of Short Panda community, first click on Sign In/Join button in the top left of the website.


In the Sign In section, you will see a button called CREATE AN ACCOUNT at the bottom.



After you fill in all the information, you should receive an email from us.

Once you confirm your account activation, you will be taken to the Dashboard settings.

In the settings page, you will be asked for some information for the community, and a new password. YOU MUST USE STRONG PASSWORDS ONLY. Our system will not let you use weak passwords, only strong passwords will work.

How To Post

Once you joined Short Panda community, you’re on your way to share content with the world, and get rewarded for it.

  1. Once logged in, go to your Dashboard section, in the top left section of the website.

2. Inside Dashboard, go to Posts section (on the left side of the website), and click on Add New. 

3. Next is the fun part. In this section, we add content such as selfies, pictures, articles videos and other content to share on Short Panda community, and with the world.

  • In the top part, add the title of your content.
  • Below title part, you’ll see Add Media. This section is where you upload videos and pictures, that will be added to your post.
  • Below Add Media, we have the post it self. In this section, you can write anything and add any type of media. This is where you get to share your content with Short panda community and the world.

4. After you insert your content in the post, scroll down to Yoast SEO. This section is very important because it will help drive free traffic to your post from the web. This means your content will be found on Google and other search engines. More traffic equals more points toward your rewards.

  • Put in a Focus Keyword that summarizes your post
  • Click on  Edit Snippet to give a brief description about your post

There are three levels of SEO:

  • Red Level – hard to find your post online.
  • Orange Level – your post can be found, but needs more work.
  • Green Level – your post can be easily found, and will probably get a lot of traffic from search engines.

We recommend our user to aim for Green or Orange level. More traffic that comes to your post, more points you can earn.

5. Once you finish with SEO, to get traffic from search engines, it’s time to get traffic from Short Panda. The way to do it is by filling out:

  • Format – You have an option between standard and video. If your content is video pick video, everything else should be standard.
  • Categories – Pick the categories that best match your post. Please don’t pick all of them, because posts that don’t have specific categories, might not get approved. Categories help us stay organized on Short Panda.
  • Tags – Tags are keywords that help users find specific content. Please use specific keywords that will help users find your content.
  • Featured Image – It is a proven fact that most users click on posts that have nice featured images. Our eyes gravitate to these images when we are scrolling down. Make sure to use best appropriate images. This is to help you gain more traffic towards your post.

To Upload Featured Image you must click on “Set featured image” and then click on

6. Once you finished with all the sections it’s time to Submit for Review.

7. Please don’t post this type of content. This type of content will not be approved here, on Short Panda.

Adult content
Content that advocates against an individual, group, or organization
Recreational drugs and drug-related content
Alcohol and tobacco-related content
Healthcare-related content
Hacking and cracking content
Pages that offer compensation programs
Misrepresentative content
Violent content
Weapon-related content
Content that enables dishonest behavior
Illegal content

Referrals and Bonuses

An average Short Panda user will be rewarded with just points for their pages.

When you Sign-up for the first time, and post just 2 pages, we will present you with a sign-up bonus of 10 points.

If you were referred by a Short Panda user, you will be rewarded extra 5 points for the sign up bonus. That’s 15 points just for being referred, and getting started.

A referral user name should be placed  in the Website section of the Contact Info, in the Profile.


If you want to make the most out of Short Panda, you can do so through our referral program.

For every person you refer, we will match 10% of whatever their rewards are in the first month, and give them to you. This gives you a way to start your own team and pretty much manage your own business. The bonus part is that we are going to be matching the 10%. We’re not taking anything away from your referrals. Just rewarding the referrers with extra incentives. SHORT PANDA IS ALL ABOUT THE USER.

Withdrawing your reward will be done through messages on our social media account, on Short Panda’s website, and us contacting you monthly about your points. We have your information, and when you reach specific goals you are going to be allowed to withdraw. As we grow, more features will be added to Short Panda.

How Do I Get To My Profile

There are two ways to get to your profile. Both ways are in top right section of the website. You can only see these sections when you log in.

Choice #1



Choice #2